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 Host ELEC Spanish School counts with lodging services for our students-volunteers; this lodging consists on staying with one of our families from the beautiful town of San Isidro de Heredia, in a ratio no  further than 3 miles from the school; which allows journeys, either walking or by bus.

The “tico families” as we are used to  call, must go through a rigorous selection process in which lodging, trust, protection and the  food quality are important values to which ELEC gives an emphatic follow up.

As we have mentioned before, daily coexistence with our culture is of great importance, and our families are the best option to achieve that goal.

While in class, tours or volunteering in the Great Metropolitan Area, our students are received as members of the families; we have breakfast and dinner with them, as well as we share a daily routine (lunch is not included as they are out from home half day, every day).

In the case of volunteering in rural areas of the country, the procedure is different.

The path or distance for our volunteers is greater. The goal is to share other type of experiences in other type of facilities.

To be within the context of people who work and struggle for the planet and to collaborate is the best way to live an unforgettable experience. This is achieved by staying in lodges, sharing the daily living of the personnel who work there.


We have focused our volunteering to promote the formation, culture, social well-being, health, in places such as communities, protected areas, animal refugees, etc.


ELEC is committed and thankful with all the families and institutions that make this service possible.




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Location San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica
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